Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Oh man..

Ha, this is funny...Feb 2002: Brandy and I became really close this year because as she was breaking up with Adam and getting together with her Brian and I was breaking up with Nick and [trying to] get together with my Brian. ha. Crush dance? No clue. Don't remember. Maybe I was with Nick still then, or possibly didn't go? I just remember being miserable with Nick at that time. I really don't think I went to sophomore crush dance. Anyone set me up? Anyone else remember??? Hmm...I would need to see pictures. I really think that was the year I didn't go...I DO remember celebrating the time when Allison FINALLY was off her medicine and could drink again. That was a time to celebrate. Let's be honest: "Mark" NOT drinking in college? That just sounds funny! Geez, Brandy, remember how unhappy we were with our men and how long it took us to finally, actually, break it off with them? sheesh!! ha, aww memories!

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  1. I just read this to Brian and he said, "Little did you know that you and Steph just needed to find Fort Wayne men to keep you happy!" haha. Oh man is right!!