Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Feb. 2002

Well, I was taking that medicine so I wasn't drinking. Although, I stopped taking it for Crush Dance 2002 because I was going with KEVIN HESS!!!!! hahahahahaha! Little did I know, I would meet my husband for the very first time that night. Tyler was Coffey's date and I remember thinking he was funny, but nothing compared to my date. Tyler always talks about how Coffey kept ordering drinks, taking a sip, and then giving them to Tyler. Mark Moulis came to the dance, too. Remember Lisa? Also, I remember always hanging out with Josh that semester, too. I miss that guy. Does anyone know where he is? Ah, the memories.


  1. haha.. why is it a common thread that Coffey shacked with Brian and then had Tyler as a dance date? just kinda funny and ironic :)

  2. Haha. Were Allison and I just sloppy seconds? I guess Coffey just has good taste!!

  3. Josh actually just asked me for your email and phone number, Allison. :) He moved back to Indy, so hopefully he'll get you soon!